The Church is already FALLING AWAY into APOSTASY which in the NT Church is as defiling as an idolatrous ABOMINATION in the OT Temple such that both lead to destruction and desolation (Mat 24:15; 1Cor 3:17).
The events of the End Times which are best sequenced together by Christ in Mat 24:1-31 and Rev 20:1-21:8 clearly contradict many disjointed cut-and-paste sequences by Dispensationalists, Escapist and other theoretical eschatologists, which are popularised these days mainly by American Christians.
Also helpful in getting the right sequence of End Times events are Dan 12:1-3; Acts 3:19-21; 1Cor 15:20-26, 2Thes 2:1-3, and Tit 2:11-13, as shown below:
• ♦Dan 12:1-3. (Times of Trouble→ Resurrection of life→ Resurrection of contempt).
• ♦Matt 24. (The Travail Tribulation Mat_24:3-14; [→ The Temple Desolation Mat_24:15-20;] → The Great Tribulation-The Cataclysm Mat_24:21-29; → The Coming-The Resurrection Mat_24:30-31; Mat_24:36-44; → The Reign [-The End of the Age-] → The Judgement Mat_24:45-51; Mat 25).
• ♦Acts 3:19-21. (Times of Refreshing→ Second Coming of Christ→ Time of Restoration of all things).
• ♦1Co_15:20-26. (After Christ’s Resurrection as the Firstfruits: NEXT is The Saints’ Resurrection at Christ’s Second Coming→ then Christ’s Reign for universal subjugation→ then The End→ then The Judgment of even death itself→ and finally The Handover to the Father for eternal worship).
• ♦2Thes 2:1-3. (The Apostate Falling Away→ Revelation of the Man of Sin and Perdition→ The Day of the Lord‘s Coming for our Gathering to be with Christ).
• ♦Tit_2:11-13. (Grace HAS Appeared→ Godliness/Hope for the Present→ Glory WILL Appear).
Summarising all the above Scriptures, what we expect regardless of any modern theories, are as follows:
1. ♦OUR WAITING (Our occupying/His redeeming till we overcome at His coming) →→
2. ♦HIS COMING (the First Resurrection and destruction of the Antichrist) →→
3. ♦HIS REIGN (the Millennium Reign with the risen Saints) →→
4. ♦THE END (the Final Conflagration and Judgment) →→
5. ♦THE ETERNITY (the Eternal Destinies of torment or glory).

Historic Premillennialist Bibkical Eschatology



Ordained Gospel Minister and practicing Physician
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