Seven Mysteries about Children of Covenant Households

Here are some SEVEN MYSTERIES gleaned from the Scripture about CHILDREN OF DIVINE COVENANT HOUSEHOLDS.

  1. TOGETHER WITH ALL HUMANITY, THEY ARE NATURALLY CONCEIVED AND BORN IN SIN (Psa_51:5; Rom_3:23; Rom_5:12; Gal_3:22; Eph_2:3); but as children belonging to New Covenant parents (unlike pagan children (Exo_20:5-6; Luk_7:33), they are clean and holy (Rom_11:16 b; 1Co_7:14) by covenant (ritual/spiritual) grace not by personal (moral/rational) merit. Such children should therefore partake with their parents in all covenant rites and promises (Gen_17:7-14; Act_2:38-39) as well as covenant rallies and fellowships (Deu_29:10-13; Joe_2:16; Act_21:5) despite their social discretional incapacity.
  1. AS COVENANT OFFSPRING, (WHETHER CHILDREN, YOUNG CHILDREN, LITTLE ONES, SUCKLING BABES OR EVEN BABES IN THE WOMB), THEY SHOULD NOT BE DESPISED, because God regards them to be great in His Kingdom (Mat_18:2-6; Mar_10:13-16) and they are constantly represented by their Angels (without the help of adults) before God (Mat_18:10); and even in the womb, they could be filled with the Holy Spirit (Luk_1:15, 44) or be divinely ordained to be prophets (Jer_1:5).
  1. DESPITE THEIR LACK OF COMMUNICABLE DISCRETION, THEY ARE EXPLICITLY DECLARED BY CHRIST’S WARNING TO BE ‘BELIEVERS’ AS THEIR PARENTS ARE (Mat_18:6-7), and of ‘GREAT’ regard in His Kingdom (Mat_18:2-4); so also were the Apostles persuaded about believers’ children (2Ti_1:5; Act_16:31).
  1. THEIR SOCIAL DEFICIENCY IN COGNITIVE CULTURAL COMMUNICATION DOES NOT IMPLY SPIRITUAL IRRELEVANCE, EXCLUSION OR DISADVANTAGE (Psa_8:2; Mat_11:25; Mat_21:15-16). Human Cultural incapacity of little children does not automatically result in Divine Covenant inadequacy for all little children of the New Covenant (Mat_18:1-6, 10; Mar_10:13-16).
  1. THEIR BELIEVING PARENTS SHOULD NOT FAIL OR BE FORBIDDEN TO BRING THEM FOR FULL COVENANTING AND CONSECRATION TO GOD (Gen_17:14; Exo_4:24-26; Mar_10:13-14), while the Church should not refuse to receive them for every ministrations, ordinances and rites of the New Covenant (e.g. baptismal initiation, benedictory dedication, instructive and intercessory impartations) done in Christ’s Name (Mat_18:5; Mar_10:15-16; Act_2:38-39).
  1. Through MINISTRATION in the power of the Holy Spirit, the Church should (by covenant ritual/spiritual grace) bring them to
  • be outwardly baptized/initiated (i.e. ‘COVENANTED’ or ‘born’) with Water (Eze_36:25-27; Mat_3:11; Joh_3:5; Joh_13:7-10; Act_2:38-39; Tit_3:5; 1Pe_3:21) and
  • be outwardly dedicated/blessed with prayer (Mar_10:15-16);

Also through prayerful and exemplary INSTRUCTION, they should thereafter be cleansed (washed or sanctified) by the Spirit and Truth with the Word (Joh_6:63; Joh_15:3; Joh_17:17; Eph_5:26; Heb_4:12) until they (by personal moral commitment)

  • become inwardly reborn from above (‘CONVERTED’ or recreated) of the Holy Spirit and by the Word (Joh_3:6-8; Tit_3:5; 1Pe_1:22-23) and
  • still continue subsequently to be cleansed and equipped to grow by the Word unto maturity (Eph_4:11-14; Eph_5:26-27; 2Ti_3:15-17; 1Pe_2:2).


  1. AS THEY ARE REARED TO GROW UP IN STATURE AND WISDOM, THEY SHOULD ALSO BE EQUIPPED TO MATURE IN THE FAITH, by the Word and by the Holy Spirit while with diligence, they consciously work out their salvation which God graciously works in them (Php_2:12-13; 2Pe_1:10).

Follow this link to listen to the Audio of detailed teaching on this matter.

Mysteries About Spiritual Status of New Covenant Children



Ordained Gospel Minister and practicing Physician
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