Any believer in the God Who inspired the Scriptures should never be veered off by human coercion, vituperation, traditions or conjectures. Show such a believer any matter from plain contextual interpretation of the Scriptures, and s/he cannot speak against it anymore.
The concern of such believers is to agree with whatever the Scriptures contextually agree with, but take any options out of all that the options the Scriptures agree with.
Even when such options seem contradictory and inconvenient to him/her, s/he know they are not problematic to God, so s/he comprehensively agrees with all such scriptural options because before God, the Scriptures remain the Truth forever.
Whatever the Scriptures call holy, Bible believers do not dare to call profane. Whatever the Scriptures do not abrogate, believers dare not abrogate.


Ordained Gospel Minister and practicing Physician
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