Their Cudgel

The LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender/Transsexual) movement has scourged this generation with their heavy cudgel. The LGBT is a minority movement (though they try to improve their very small number by adding more groups like Queer, Questioning, Asexual and Ally to have LBGTQA), but by their impetuous tirade and anecdotal media campaign have compelled everyone including the Church to be carried away by their narrow secularist discuss and lose sight of basic truth. Their masterly oppressive and diversionary tactic has blackmailed, arm-twisted and mind-bent the world into succumbing to their self-arrogated status of sacred cows and despotic judges of the whole earth. What they do to others is philia but what others do them is phobia. What they say is politically correct but what others say to them is politically incorrect. What they say to others is defensible but what others say to them is offensive. The LGBT does not just fight to have their rights but for others to lose theirs. This is nothing but brazen bullying. Their response to this post will prove this point to be true.

Rooted in hippie countercultural sex revolution, the LGBT has combined the clever and clandestine use of telecommunication technology, globalised pluralism and civil liberties to harass and harangue this generation to gain advantageous ascendancy. They have smartly deployed their narrow narratives and anecdotal stereotypes, tyrannical blackmails and aggressive protestations on a scale to which humanity has never before been subjected from any minority in history.


The Good News

Basic truth is that any human lifestyle, orientation or action is sin to the Christian only if the Gospel tradition as received from the Apostles who used the Old Testament and wrote the New Testament Scriptures says such is sinful. The same Gospel also assures that it is given for every penitent believer to be saved from the penalty, pollution and power of their sin by the atoning power of Christ’s Blood and the enabling power of Christ’s Grace. This is the Good News of Salvation in Christ.

The world should rejoice that though sin is sinful yet there is hope of escape from its bondage because Christ’s Grace has the power to save whosoever believes from sin’s bondage. To be sure, sin is sinful not because it is legal or illegal, approved or disapproved, cultural or uncultured, honourable or dishonourable, natural or unnatural, normal or abnormal, popular or unpopular, acceptable or unacceptable, statistically significant or statistically insignificant, passionate or impassionate, hereditary or nonhereditary, genetic or non-genetic, scientific or unscientific, etc. Human morals, manners or mentality are considered sinful for the Christian if such is revealed in the Scriptures to be disobedience to God and displeasing to Him Who is the Lord of all creation, all spirit and all flesh. And Christ had to die a painful and unjust death to take us out of such destructive spiritual bondage, both in this life and in eternity.


Sexual Sins

There are so many normal and abnormal sins that are nonsexual and very few normal and abnormal sins that are sexual. Many, who are involved in sexual sins, being ignorant of or antagonistic to the calling of the Church in the world, have contended for the Church’s approval to hallow their impenitence and iniquity. Fortunately, the Church has no liberty of authority, permission or commission to inclusively hallow impenitence and approve sins except to lovingly and powerfully offer salvation from sin for those willing to be saved from their sinful bondage and be sanctified unto the living God.  This ordained role of the Church is fast being abandoned to the detriment of the human race and the LGBT is undercutting and blackmailing the Church to abandon this salvific role.

Sexual sinners to which majority of human population belong (such as polygamists, divorcees, promiscuous, prostitutes, polyandrists, masturbators and the like) had tried at one time or the other in some context or the other, to canvass for Church’s approval of their sins on the grounds of culture, nature, passion, legality, popularity, orientation, etc. The Church has always maintained that she has been called and sent into the world NOT to consolidate and approve sins BUT to bring conversion from sin and salvation from sin.

Sexual sins involve our innermost and outermost being such that sexual sins are not only displeasing to God but detrimental to self. It is heartless hatred and wickedness for a Christian or the Church that knows this divine truth to involve someone in sexual sin or encourage and lead someone into sexual sins. The world may approve and pursue their pagan and carnal instincts but Christ the Son of God and our Redeemer sent His Church to help humanity out of them all by the power of God. The Church should never abdicate this sublime remedial responsibility whatever the invectives, blackmails and persecutions.


The State and the Church

It is important to understand that every thriving human community is advanced and preserved through the bicameral instrumentality of temporal and spiritual authorities. The temporal State is constituted to enforce restraint from crimes and promote preservation of law and commonly agreed order, whereas the spiritual Church has been instituted to preach repentance from sin and promote preservation of sanctity and the divinely revealed truth. To preserve and advance human sanctity and safety, there must be both balance and separation of the Spiritual role of the Church and temporal role of the State. Rather than seek to disorder the State, LGBT like all other members of the society should seek protection and safety through the State; and rather than seek to defile the Church, LGBT like all other members of the society should seek transformation and sanctity through the Church.




Ordained Gospel Minister and practicing Physician
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