On LAW and GRACE: Clearing the confusion and getting it right…


  • God designed LAW to RESTRAIN DISORDER but NOT to save from sin.
  • God designed GRACE to SAVE FROM SIN but NOT to permit disorder.

Ancient Jews mistook restraint of disorder to mean salvation from sin.

Modern Church mistakes salvation from sin to mean permission of disorder.

The LAW of Moses is God’s means for bringing RESTRAINED ORDER because it:

  • Commands by moral precepts.
  • Condemns by civil judgments.
  • Cleanses by ritual ceremonies.

The GRACE of Christ is God’s means for bringing REGENERATED LIFE because it:

  • Enlightens us by the Truth.
  • Purifies us by the Blood.
  • Empowers us by the Spirit.

The orderly life HAS NO POWER to live the regenerated life.

The regenerate life HAS THE POWER to live the orderly life.



Ordained Gospel Minister and practicing Physician
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