The dispensationalist and messianist speculations and formulations about two different Kingdoms – one of Heaven and the other of God – are theoretical conjectures that are impossible to be established from the comprehensive testimony of the Scriptures. A comparison of some Kingdom verses from the Synoptic Gospels, shows that in the same instances where Matthew used “Kingdom of Heaven” in reporting Christ’s teachings, the other Synoptic Gospel writers used “Kingdom of God”. Therefore, the overwhelming evidence is that the two are same and interchangeable according to biblical testimony of Christ and His Apostles. Modern conjectures erecting a wall of partition between these two usages cannot be authentic or serve any better purpose.

God’s Kingdom is Eternally One, Spiritual and Heavenly (of heaven not of this world John 18:36) and reigns sovereign over all creation, generations and nations (Dan 4:17,32,34,35). God’s Kingdom is not a delimited place or specified period but His dominion or reign according to His power, His purity and His purpose.

Moved by His “goodwill towards humanity”, God has since creation been on a mission of grace, not only to gradually REVEAL the glory of His Kingdom amongst humankind, but also to graciously REDEEM many from humankind into the heritage of His Kingdom. This is what the Gospel of Christ is all about. God’s gracious mission of revealing His Kingdom glory to the world and redeeming souls into His Kingdom heritage is accomplished by bringing the Kingdom WITHIN the souls of those Redeemed IN CHRIST and through their lives, the virtues and values of the Kingdom are brought AMONGST/NEAR their societies and generations.

A look at the Scriptures plainly shows that:
• God had foreshadowed His Kingdom glory and grace through the PATRIARCHS, ISRAEL and PROPHETS, while awaiting the sure promise of Christ’s coming for Personal manifestation of the Kingdom’s saving power and propitiation (Luk 1:72-79);
• God has manifested His Kingdom through the CHRIST Who came to Personally set-up or inaugurate the MESSIANIC REDEEMING GRACE of the Kingdom by His propitiating blood for His CHURCH of all believers (Act 29:15-18; Rom 5:1-2, 8-12);
• God shall soon manifest His Kingdom when Christ returns to Personally consummate the MESSIANIC REIGNING GLORY of the Kingdom by the glorious RESURRECTION and “Millennial” REIGN of His Saints (Dan 2:44; 1Cor 15:23-28);
• God shall finally manifest His Kingdom, after this old creation order passes away (Rev 21:1-7), when the Saints shall enter the Kingdom reward of ETERNAL bliss in the incorruptible New Heaven and Earth. (The devil, demons and the wicked as well as death and hades shall be recompensed with eternal torment in the eternal fire Rev 14:10-11; 20:10-15).

The Kingdom, the power and the glory belong to our heavenly Father, Whose Name the redeemed of all generations seek to hallow on earth in accordance with His heavenly will (1Chr 29:11; Mat 6:9,10,13b).

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Ordained Gospel Minister and practicing Physician
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