Beware of what you believe and preach

PAGAN “spirituality” versus CHRISTIAN Spirituality.

Spirituality is the conviction that humans have spiritual nature and could live spiritual life. Piety has to do with faith in and submission to God Who has revealed Himself to the biblical Prophets and through Christ. There are subtle but far-reaching differences between PAGAN impious spirituality and CHRISTIAN pious spirituality.

PAGANS (Platonists, Gnostics, Neoplatonists, Kundalini Mystics, New Age Theosophists) teach that the human spirit is illuminated or “saved” (through intuition, contemplation, ecstasy or initiation) in order to be “free from inhibitions by moral creed, mores and matter for attainment of limitless potential”, being led by spontaneous persuasion and passion to self-actualise personal choice, dream, happiness, power and pleasure in the hope of attaining utopian love and peace. Some Christians unwittingly integrate or syncretise this impious and pagan spirituality into their faith.

CHRIST and His Apostles taught that the human spirit is saved or redeemed (by divine grace through penitent faith in Christ) in order to be “free before God from demonic bondage to error and self and divine damnation for sin”, being led by the Holy Spirit through moral principles and examples found in the Scriptures of the Law, the Prophets and the Apostles to please God and do His revealed will on His earth and being with Christ in His eternal glory. This is the piety.


Ordained Gospel Minister and practicing Physician
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