TRANSGENDERISM: Things you should know

TRANSGENDERISM: Things you should know

The postmodern UNISEX (neither male nor female) movement (since late 1960s) has been progressing gradually and subtly, catching many of us in its heathenish tide of misinterpretation and revision of the Scripture:

First was no Worship Veil for women.

Next was Overseership Ordination for women.

Next were homosexual and transsexual rights.

Then came homosexual marriage solemnization.

Now is transgenderism….

And who knows what next…


Which of the movements has caught up with you?

Run and Repent!


Ordained Gospel Minister and practicing Physician
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One Response to TRANSGENDERISM: Things you should know

  1. CHAPLAIN says:

    For Postmodernism anything goes; nothing is authentic or reliable except hypotheses and subjectivism: truth is relative or subjective and there is nothing like The Truth. This implies that there is no lie or falsehood because they are relative and subjective. What a disorder and anarchy/anomy?

    Postmodern existentialism insists on the absurdity that no individual should be expected to change to fit into values of others but all others are to change to accommodate the individual. Why should someone who feels frustrated when s/he has to change expect the whole society not feel frustrated to change for him/her?

    Transgender who would not grow up to learn and acquire normal behaviour should not expect the society to acquiesce and approve transgenderism.

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