Denominations are partial witnesses often not without ulterior motives falsely presenting themselves as full true witnesses for Christ. Denominations are half-truths presuming to be the whole truth; they are often strange magnification of preferred or modified truth (or even outright falsehood) used to oppose and override another biblical truth. Christ and His Apostles prayed (John 17:10, 11, 20-24) and warned (Acts 20:26-34; 1John 2:19; Jude 1:19) against the Church splitting into denominations.

Church Denominations are distinct forms of organised expressions of the Gospel of Christ’s Kingdom. They are groups of Churches united by same tradition and administration. In fact, Church denominations arose from agreements and disagreements about differences in forms of Church government and traditional basis for doctrine and practice as well as organisational allegiance. Three main forms of Church governments or administrations adopted by Church denominations and somewhat or partially derivable from the Bible are:

1. Monarchical Episcopacy.

2. Circuitry Presbyterianism.

3. Congregational Independency.

There are four main traditions on which teachings and practices in Churches and Denominations are based and by which teachings and practices are authenticated. These include:

1. Evangelical Tradition ruled by comprehensive Scriptural Truth.

2. Catholic Tradition ruled by historical heritage and antecedent dogmas.

3. Rational Liberal Tradition ruled by reason, science, philosophy and common trends.

4. Mystical Liberal Tradition ruled by personal revelations, experiences and scruples.

Apart from administrative and traditional differences, many factors have divided Christians not only due to doctrinal and historical standards, but also due to cultural, political or even financial and personality concerns. Divisive or schismatic denominationalism and doctrinal eccentricity are unnecessary and unbiblical evils that have plagued and marred the witness of the One Universal Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ over the centuries. Christians have so much got used to denominationalism that today they feel normal to even claim that the “Holy Spirit” now “leads” them to break away and start another denomination or “ministry” as if they are starting up a new trade, new business, new cause or club or new NGO. Mature Biblical Christianity rises above denominationalism.



Ordained Gospel Minister and practicing Physician
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