Could the Church repudiate today’s so called popular “gospel music” performances and videos with their rhythms, jigs, dark lightings, visuals, parlance, party fashion, orgiastic evocations and lascivious revelry which are outright postmodern hiphop heathenism and hippie culture of the New Age, syncretised as entertainment “Christianity”?

Shouldn’t Christian music rather be sublime revelations, devotional visuals, sanctified adorations and spiritual evocations that hallmarked the Prophetic musicians of the Bible and Apostolic Church?

Church music videos and ministrations (called SKILLED INSTRUMENTAL PROPHESYING AND PRAISE in 1Chron 25:1-7 and SPIRIT FILLED WORD BASED MELODIOUS UTTERANCE in Eph 5:18-20 and Col 3:16) which ought to “SOW TO THE SPIRIT” for WORSHIPING GOD in a manner spiritually acceptable to HEAVEN, has become same with club music videos and performances meant to “SOW TO THE FLESH” for ENTERTAINING HUMANS in a manner extravagantly acceptable to HEATHENS.

When could we ever again hear and sing songs of true spiritual worship as in the days of the Levites under Davidic tradition, Geneva Metrical Psalmody, Charles Wesley and Ira Sankey?


Ordained Gospel Minister and practicing Physician
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