RELIGION can be defined as the relationship of faith in, fear of, fervour for and reverence for God, gods and numinous powers. Religions have belief systems about the divine, the spiritual and the sacred, with ritual forms, religious community and ethical values.

The word RELIGION is derived from Latin religio = supernaturally constrained attitudes, beliefs and practices or religare = scrupulously restrained attitudes, beliefs and practices.

Common elements and concepts shared by most religions are repercussions of morals and powers of rituals. Religions are of two main classes but three broad types:

1.       Nature Religion: Primal, polytheistic, idolatrous and deistic religions – e.g. animistic religions, Hinduism and Gnosticism.

2.       Founder Religion.

(i) Philosophical: atheistic, idolatrous and deistic religions – e.g. mystic religions, Buddhism, Shinto, Tao, Bon, Confucianism and Jainism.

(ii) Prophetic: monotheistic and eschatological religions – e.g. God-seeking (theoreunatic) religions, Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Zoroastrianism, Baha’ism and (Sikhism).

RELIGION or SPIRITUALITY: is the loving reverential submission to divinely revealed invitation or curious pursuit of mystical exploration for human RELATIONSHIP WITH THE CREATOR, THE SUPERNATURAL AND THE NATURAL.

Through Spirituality or Religion humans instinctively seek to RELATE WITH AND REVERENCE GOD being HELPED by the TRUTH of divine revelation or RELATE WITH AND REVERENCE “GODS” (mistaken “God”, demonic spirits, ancestors, natural object and forces) being HINDERED by the FRAUD of demonic manipulation and the ERROR of human mystical supposition and syncretism.

Spirituality deals with OUGHT and FACT but needs Faith in Christ Jesus for access to TRUTH and Eternal Life.


Ordained Gospel Minister and practicing Physician
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