Revival is a Godward turning of hearts. A heart-God event. Not a heart-things event.

Revival is about God having His way in our lives and seeing His will happen in our lives. It’s not about people having their way with God and getting God do their will.

It’s not about getting what we want or doing things our way. It’s about God getting what He wants and we doing thing His way.

What God wants is repentance from sin out of a contrite heart that yearns for salvation from sin.

God wants us NOT ONLY to come UNTO HIM heavily laden with sin and willing to exchange His restful yoke for our sin, BUT ALSO to come AFTER HIM with self denial and willing to exchange the daily Cross burden for our self.

On the Pentecost day, it began in Jerusalem with 3000 souls when people were pricked in the heart with godly sorrow to repent for remission of their sins. It began to slow down when the Church began to murmur about getting things from tables rather than giving things up.

And it all ended when people were wrongly pricked in the heart with worldly sorrow to gnash their teeth against Stephen’s call to repentance.

God deal with us for we are a generation that seeks to see God’s works for our interests towards things but not God’s Way to walk in for God’s interest against our sins.


Ordained Gospel Minister and practicing Physician
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