LAW and GRACE: Getting it right.

LAW and GRACE: Getting it right.

The Jews in their arrogance mistook the LAW for legalism instead of guidance to divine truth;

The Church in her excitement has also mistaken GRACE for libertinism instead of enablement for purity.

 Christ’s GRACE grants undeserved LIBERATION from sin, self and Satan and also grants privileged ACCESS into the Spirit’s indwelling and leading for purity; however, Grace forbids unreserved license and carnality (8:9; Rom 6:15 and 8:1-9; Gal 2:17 and 5:13,16-18; 1Pet 2:16).

 Apparently, the Church in her euphoria is unaware that Christ’s GRACE when spurned, brings GREATER JUDGMENT than the LAW (John 15:22-24; Heb 10:28-31; 2Pet 2:17-20).

1Corinthians 14:20

(20)  Brothers, stop being children in your thinking. In evil be infants, but in thinking be adults.





Ordained Gospel Minister and practicing Physician
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One Response to LAW and GRACE: Getting it right.

  1. Obi (Ben) Aduba says:

    Doctor, that is a right diagnosis for this postmodern age where people can do things because they feel good about it, especially when they feel that they are “covered by his grace” not knowing that we should not continue in sin that grace may abound.

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