Hear the Core Message of the Gospel

Simply and directly put, the core message of The Gospel presentation goes like this:


Hear this Great News, and please do something urgent about it.

Do you know God loves you so much so, He is zealous to SAVE you from depravity, death and the devil in order to BLESS you with ETERNAL LIFE?

Do you know Jesus Christ came and died a bloody death in order to pay the ultimate price for your eternal salvation unto glory?

Do you know God reaches out for you to RETURN to Him and receive this free favour through your SIMPLE FAITH or BELIEF in Jesus that He is your Saviour because He is “the Christ” and “the Son” of God, and THEREFORE let Him be your Lord in all things?

Accept God’s gracious offer through your simple faith now, and you’ll receive the power of sonship for Eternal Life in Christ.

Please invite Jesus as Lord into your life NOW, and you’re saved!

That’s all.





Ordained Gospel Minister and practicing Physician
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One Response to Hear the Core Message of the Gospel

  1. CHAPLAIN says:

    This apostolic ordinance to cover every symbol of human glory (long-haired women’s heads) and uncover only the symbols of divine glory (short-haired men’s heads) when in the Church’s messianic Assembly for the sake of God’s attendant liturgical Angels was already practiced since by the Corinthian Church (1Cor 11:2).

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