Study Outline for the book of the Revelation

  • REVELATION 1-22.

Nowadays, some have made out of Rev 1:19, a theoretical key for the modern theory of dispensational secret rapture before Christ’s Second Coming. However, using Christ “Who was, and is, and is to come” as the best interpretative key to this verse, it seems to simply mean:

1.    “The things which you have SEEN” (THE PAST AGE=till Christ’s Finished Work at His First Coming),

2.    “The things which ARE” (THE PRESENT AGE=while the Church Occupies till Christ Comes again),

3.    “The things which must take place AFTER” (THE FUTURE AGE=Christ’s Second Coming and thereafter).

Here we shall simply follow the book of Revelation plainly as it naturally unfolds which also agrees  with Christ in Mat 24 and with St Paul in 1Cor 15:20-26, JUST AS THE ANCIENT CHURCH FATHERS DID:

 Our Waiting(Our occupying till we overcome at His coming)His Coming (the First Resurrection)His Reign (the Millennium)The End (the Final Conflagration and Judgment)The Eternity (the Eternal Destinies).


Our Waiting(Our occupying till we overcome at His coming)

His Coming (the First     Resurrection)

His Reign (the     Millennium)

The End (the Final     Conflagrat-ion and Judgment)

The Eternity (the Eternal     Destinies)


  1. OUR      WAITING: (Our Occupying)

Rev 1-5. The Church Militant and Triumphant

  • Rev 2-3        The Church Militant Fully Exhorted (7 Admonitions and 7 Assurances)to overcome (by witness, works, worship and waiting) unto the end to be sealed or kept from/in (i.e. protected from BUT NOT removed from Joh 17:15) the “Hour of Trial” or days of evil (Joh 17:15; Jas 5:7; Rev 2:10; Rev 3:10; Rev 7:3), {AS THE PERSECUTED ISRAEL WAS SEALED/KEPT IN THE HOUR OF THE PLAGUES IN EGYPT Exo 8:22; Exo 9:26; Exo 12:12-13}, till the Lord comes to glorify His Saints and subjugate all His enemies as footstool.
  • Rev 4-5        The Church Triumphant before the ThroneHeavenly realm (Unresurrected redeemed souls in Paradise, “absent from the body but present with Christ”) from the Church of both Old and New Testaments (Rev 15:2-5), worshipping the Lord and waiting for the completion of the ingathering and the First Resurrection at the Second Coming of Christ (Rev 6:9-17).
  • Rev 6-18. God’s righteous Wrath (Rev 16:5-6; 2Th 1:6) against Satan’s spiritual and temporal evil systems in the “Hour of Trial” which is in the form of Plagues on the ungodly who Persecute and Corrupt the Saints:
    • God’s Wrath Fully Revealed (7 Seals) – PAST (by Scripture)Rev 6-7;
    • God’s Wrath Fully Proclaimed (7 Trumps) – PRESENT (by Preaching) Rev 8-11 (Mat 10:34-39);
    • God’s Judgment Enforced – Spiritual realm (against Satan/Mystical Evil) – Rev 12-14;
    • God’s Wrath Fully Executed (7 Bowls) – FUTURE (by Plagues)Rev 15-16;
    • God’s Judgment Manifested – Physical realm (against Antichrist/False Church) – Rev 17-18.
  1. HIS      COMING: (the First Resurrection)
  • Rev 19.         The Coming of the Lord (WITH His Angels but FOR – not with – His Church Mat 24:31; 25:31; Mar 13:26-27; Col 3:4; 1Th 4:16-17; 1Jn 3:2) and Conquest of the Antichrist 2Th 2:8.
  • Rev 20:4-5.  The Glorified Believers of the First Resurrection from the Church of both Old and New Testaments (Rev 15:2-3), who victoriously died or were ready to die for the pure Gospel/Word, than be cajoled or coerced into either initiation (with the mark) into the cult of, or adoration (to the image) of, the ever metamorphosing, wonder-working, whore-ridden and seven-headed Evil Beast of past, present and future ages (Rev 17:8).
  1. HIS      REIGN: (the Millennium)
  • Rev 20:1-10. The Kingdom Domination by Christ over evil through conquest, Millennium, and eventual desolation.
  1. THE      END: (the Final Judgment)
  • Rev 20:11-13. The great Conflagration of Old physiochemical Universe and exposure of sinners’ souls/spirits.
  • Rev 20:12-15. The Judgement of the Second Death and eternal designations.
  1. THE ETERNITY: (the Eternal Destinies)
  • Rev 21:1-8. The creation of New imperishable World for eternal destinies of souls/spirits.
  • Rev 21:9-22:5. More details on Eternal Bliss of all the Saints as one Body in one City Rev 21:9-27; Rev 22:1-14, and Eternal Doom (Mar 9:43-48; Rev 14:9-11) of all the Wicked in one Lake Rev 21:8; Rev 22:15.
  • Rev 22:6-15. Final eschatological warnings.
  • Notice that what was earlier referred to (together) as “The Last Day” by Christ (Joh 6:39, Joh 6:40, Joh 6:44, Joh 6:54; Joh 11:24; Joh 12:48) and as though one aggregate final event by the Prophets, Christ and the Apostles Dan 12:1-4; Mat 25:46; Joh 5:25-30; Act 24:15; 2Co 5:10;) was latter detailed into an extended period in Rev 20:1-15 and even in 1Co 15:20-26, made up of “First Resurrection-Millennium-Second Death-Judgment” sequentially.
  • It is also worthy of note that the FIRST RESURRECTION OF LIFE or GATHERING/CATCHING UP OF THE ELECT Mat 24:31; 1Cor 15:23, 52; 1Thes 4:16-17;   (for THE JUST Luk 14:14) was depicted as the first and separate event from the RESURRECTION OF DAMNATION or SECOND DEATH (for THE UNJUST Act 24:15), by both Christ and the Apostles (Dan 12:2; Mat 25:46; Joh 5:24-29; Rev 20:4-6).
  • Eschatological “Last Day” or the great “Day of the Lord” does not seem to be exactly the same with our 24 hour day since it is not humanly but divinely estimated (Psa 90:4; 2Pe 3:8); justifiably some think that what applies to the eschaton ‘day’ also applied to the creation ‘day’ (Gen 2:4). We should not be dogmatic about this.


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