HARD PROSPERITY TEACHING: Apostolic Gospel Economics.

HARD PROSPERITY TEACHING: Apostolic Gospel Economics.

According the Apostles, people who suppose that godliness is a means of making money are people who lack the truth, of corrupt minds, of conceited understanding and of unhealthy interest because they contradict the words of our Lord Jesus Christ (1Tim 6:3-5).

By Apostolic definition, material poverty is when you lack the basic necessities of food and clothing. Being satisfied with food and clothing is called “godly contentment” and “great wealth” in Gospel economics. (1Tim 6:6-8) This must not be your excuse for being a jobless sluggard. (Pro 6:9-11; 2Thes 3:10-12)

Looking desiring to accumulate wealth to satisfy a prodigal life of senseless desires and harmful lusts other than basic necessities, leads to stumbling into temptations and traps as well as plunging into destructive ruins (1Tim 6:9). Such “love of money” for its sake, brings you into “the root of all evils” with resultant disastrous damages. (1Tim 6:10)

However if you happen to have accumulated wealth, know that it is because God’s FAVOUR has empowered you with DILIGENT wisdom (Pro 21:5) and faithful HARDWORK (Pro 14:23-24; 28:19-20), and because God blessed your eager GENEROSITY with provisional prosperity (Deut 8:17-18; Pro 11:24-28; 2Cor 8:8-12).

Godliness therefore requires that those who are wealthy, since their wealth is through God must use such wealth to meet the food and clothing needs of others who lack basic necessities and meet needs for the spreading of the Gospel as God desires. In this way such wealth becomes spiritual treasure and foundation for eternal life. (1Tim 6:17-19)


Ordained Gospel Minister and practicing Physician
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