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HARD PROSPERITY TEACHING: Apostolic Gospel Economics.

HARD PROSPERITY TEACHING: Apostolic Gospel Economics. According the Apostles, people who suppose that godliness is a means of making money are people who lack the truth, of corrupt minds, of conceited understanding and of unhealthy interest because they contradict the … Continue reading

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Rationalism versus Scriptural Exegesis

PEOPLE OF GOD Have you noticed the dangerous trend towards replacement of “Scriptural Exegesis” with “Intellectual Rationalism” and “Existential Experientialism” in the Church today? The Church must remain in God’s Word or lose eternal relevance. God’s Word (inscripturated and incarnated) … Continue reading

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Introduction to First Corinthians

Introduction to First Corinthians The Cosmopolis CORINTH, the capital city of Achaia and all Greece in Paul’s day (c. AD50s), by its unique location on the Peloponnesian isthmus with two crowded sea-ports (on both Aegean Sea and Adriatic Sea sides), … Continue reading

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