Authority and Veracity of the Bible

The best we should do as Christians is to hold the Scriptures as the infallible prophetic Word, and the authentic measure (STANDARD WEIGHT or METER-RULE) of faith, truth, reason, tradition and experience so that our dark hearts will be illuminated to daylight (2Pet 1:19). When our reason, tradition and experience contradict the Scriptures (or do not fit into the measures of the Scripture) then we err in faith and truth. This is the problem with justifying homosexuality and other sinful vices whether legalised or not.

All the writings of the Scripture are God-breathed (INSPIRED) to have the power to make people wise toward the saving faith in Christ (2Tim 3:15) and can equip and empower every God-dedicated person toward every good work (2Tim 3:17). This is why every Scripture is always profitable for teaching, reproof, correction and righteous training (2Tim 3:16).

The writers of the Scriptures are best placed and most authentic messengers of the Divine Message (Word or Logos) while the words and phraseology of the Scriptures are the most accurate means of communicating the Divine Message.

The closer we are to these inspired words and phraseology of Bible writers in context, the truer our interpretation and understanding of the Divine Word or Message.

The Scripture is the standard measure or canon of the Christian Faith and Witness. Its equivalents in science are the old Units of measure: the ounce, the inch, the gallon, the minute. Tampering with the value of any of these is fraud or error.

Modern Reason and Experience are like the new Units of measure: the gram, the meter, the litre, etc. When using Reason and Tradition, you must make sure you use accurate conversion ratios to arrive at the same measure as the Scripture. Just as we do in every true science (and even in currency conversion).



Ordained Gospel Minister and practicing Physician
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One Response to Authority and Veracity of the Bible

  1. Paul says:

    Who will believe this report?, to whom is the arm of the lord revealed? (Isaiah 53v1) sometime we don’t know, and we don’t know that we don’t know.

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