Wandering Why…

Let me wonder aloud.
When you say, “You have diabetes, take this medication.” it is called skill, diagnosis or kindness.
When you say, “You are poor, take this money or job.” It is called charity or philanthropy.
When you say, “You have sinned or you are a sinner, repent and receive God’s remission and salvation through Christ.” Instead of calling it Gospel, love and compassion (God News), some people prefer to call it judging, bigotry, etc.
Why is this compassionate show of love and offer of divine mercy derided and jettisoned by a world in need of salvation?

Or is it because:

We accept that poverty is not good for us so we appreciate prosperity; We accept that sickness is not good for us so we appreciate health;

But we are not aware that sin is not good for us, so we don’t appreciate salvation toward purity?

Just wondering.


Ordained Gospel Minister and practicing Physician
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