“The World” in the Scriptures

“The World” in the Scriptures
By Venerable Dr I. U. Ibeme http://www.scribd/ifeogo

It is obvious to all that the world as it is today, is imperfect which has led to perplexing challenges upon challenges for all who live on the face of the earth. The “World” translates creaturely or existing “formation” (Grk=kosmos (COSMOS/universe/existence), or Grk=ktisis (CREATION/creature) by divine agency). The “World” also translates operational or orderly “arrangement” (Grk=aion of kosmos, by divine, demonic or human agency), The “World” has three shades of meaning in the Scripture:

(i) the terrestrial created world (Grk=ge of kosmos/ktisis, by divine agency) i.e. The material elements, the Earth globe with its fauna and flora, as well as the celestial bodies, which are of the Lord’s handiwork (Rom_1:20; Psa_24:1-2; Psa_37:9-11) and for the inheritance of the saints (Gen_1:28; Mat_5:5): which is groaning under a curse now (Gen_3:14-19), but shall be redeemed from bondage and renewed eventually (Rom_8:21; 2Pe_3:12-13);

(ii) the human community world (Grk=oikoumene of kosmos/ktisis, by divine and human agency) i.e. The Inhabitants of the Society, under a curse but beloved of God, for whom Christ was sent to die and save from sin and condemnation (Joh_3:16; Act_17:24-31); and

(iii) the immoral corrupt world (Grk=aion of kosmos, by demonic and human agency) i.e. The Mundane concerns, vainglory and ungodly powers or value systems of this age which are of the devil, in rebellion against God; so is under God’s wrath and doomed
to pass away (1Jn_2:15-17).
This doomed immoral world system or course is characterised by wickedness, crookedness, rebellion towards God and His Word, is subject to elemental mystical manipulations and is controlled by demons of disobedience and darkness, working in the hearts of people (Eph_2:1-3; Eph_6:12).
This doomed present evil age or world order (aion=age or world) shall be overthrown by the coming messianic age (aion=age or world) Eph_2:7; Heb_6:5; Rev_11:15.



Ordained Gospel Minister and practicing Physician
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