The Kingdom of God

KINGDOM should NOT be understood as geographically delineable place or a demarcated temporal LOCATION: Domain, Territory, Land, Empire, Realm, and Region as with the kingdoms of this world (Dan 2:44; Luk 17:20-21). KINGDOM is to be understood as the saints’ unlimited portion and God’s eternal spiritual OPERATION: Dominion or Domination, Government or Governance, Reign, Rule, Regime, and Sovereignty, whereby God operates to bring humanity to conform to His sovereign will (1Chr 29:11-12; Psa 145:12-13; Isa 9:6-7; Dan 4:3; Dan 6:26; Mat 6:9-10; Rev 11:15).

In today’s parlance or grammatical usage, the equivalent of the Kingdom of God would be something like the Presidency of God rather than the Nation-State of God; or the Episcopacy of God rather than the Diocese of God. This Divine Regime or Presidency which operates by gracious mercy (because of God’s love) and righteous justice (because of God’s holiness) is unlimited, eternal, spiritual, and sovereign over all.

IN OVERVIEW: The Kingdom has been inaugurated as Christ’s Gospel of full redeeming grace and guarantee into the Kingdom for anyone who believes in Him.

But the Kingdom shall yet be consummated as Christ’s full rewarding and retributive glory at Christ second coming to destroy the Antichrist, raise the Saints and reign over the wicked in all the earth, judge the living, the dead, the demons, death and hades.

Before Christ, the Kingdom had been gradually revealed through creation, the Patriarchs, the Law, the Prophets and Israel.

Citizenship of God’s Kingdom is for all those persons, old or young, great or small (past, present and future) of all nations and all generations who believe in God in accordance with the Word of His gracious covenant, and depend on His Christ to redeem them into the Kingdom (Luk 10:24; Joh 1:12; Gal 3:7-9; Heb 11:13, 39; 1Pet 1:10-12). All who are not covenanted and redeemed in Grace, shall be conquered and destroyed in Glory.

THE CHURCH is the Communion of the Saints though infiltrated with a mixed multitude of false brethren (Acts 15:24; 20:30; Gal 2:4; 2Pet 2:1-2; Jude 3-4). The Spirit-led Saints of Christ’s Church (both militant on earth and triumphant in paradise) are registered inheritors and citizens of the Kingdom, as well as members of the Kingdom’s general assembly (Mat 25:34; Rom 8:13-17; Heb 12:22-24). The Saints (those who have obtained remission of their sins in Christ) or Believers in Christ have been translated to the Kingdom of God (Col 1:12-14) and have been given the Eternal Life of the Kingdom (John 5:25; 1John 5:11-12); the guarantee for this is the earnest seal with the Holy Spirit (Eph 1:13-14) by which God has claimed us for Kingdom heritage and by which we also claim our Kingdom heritage. CHRIST came with the Gospel of the Kingdom which if received by faith gives us citizenship rights to the Kingdom; but when CHRIST comes again, it will be with the Glory of the Kingdom into which all the Saints who believed the Gospel shall be given their reigning thrones. The Saints in their temporal lifetime on earth are to labour and serve as witness-agents of the Kingdom to the world (Mat 24:14; Acts 1:8).

THE GOSPEL MESSAGE summons all to seek, submit to and spread (NOT ignore, resist or restrict) Christ’s gracious Rule and justification in their lives now in order to be justified but not judged in the face of the final glorious Rule and judgement of this holy God (Act 17:24-31). Acceptance of God’s Rule of mercy and justice must include commitment to agency of God’s redemptive mission and collaboration with other fellow agents (the Church or the Saints) in union with Christ – the Pioneer (Initiator) and Perfecter (Consummator) of our Faith. These Saints graciously redeemed into the Kingdom are persevere because of their confidence and consolation in expectancy of their glorious inheritance in God’s Kingdom, which shall be made manifest when they are resurrected in glory at Christ’s coming. The Gospel is therefore the Message of the Kingdom.


Ordained Gospel Minister and practicing Physician
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