End-time Wisdom is to know that the false prophets shall do great signs and deceive many (Mat 24:22-28; Rev 13:13-18). End time foolishness which shall be deceived, is to think that only true prophets do great signs. To escape fraud and folly in this end-time requires some wisdom nuggets:

1. Miraculous signs are amazing stunts that fascinate unbelievers, false prophets and demons (Mat 24:24; Act 8:18-23; Rev 13:13-15).

2. Message of the Scripture is the saving truth that fascinates the saints, true prophets and angels (Joh 6:68-69; 1Pe 1:10-12).

3. A crooked and perverse generation (Php 2:15) seeks to see signs and wonders as the proof for God’s works (Psa 95:8-11; Mat 12:39-45; Act 8:13). They say: “show us an amazing sign to behold that we may have a marvelling faith” (Mat 16:1-4). They believe every deceptive lie (2Th 2:8-12).

4. A chosen and holy generation (1Pe 2:9) seeks to know the saving truth and the Word of God as the standard for God’s ways (Psa 103:7; 2Ti 3:16-17). They would say: “teach us the saving truth to believe that we may have the obeying faith” (Luk 11:1-4; Act 2:36-40). They believe only the Word of God (Act 17:11-12).)



Ordained Gospel Minister and practicing Physician
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